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  1. Attendance

  2.          Attendance is the key task for teachers. Taking attendance in traditional way is time comsuming and maintaining is difficult. Now it is easy to take attendance and notify parents immediately about the same throught via E-mails and text messages to parents cell phones.

  3. Student Information

  4.          Student information includes basic information such as address, grades, parents, and contact information. During the school year teachers enter the information about their students such as grades, attendance, complaints, discipline, and achievements into the same electronic file so that a student’s records are always complete and up to date.

  5. Teacher Information

  6.          Teachers basic information such as name, qualification, contact details etc can be maintained and managed online through

  7. Parent Access

  8.          Parents are given with the login details, they can track their childs attendance, grades, remarks, complaints, sports and track overall performance in the academic year. Parents can also communicate with teachers for futher assistance.

  9. Upcoming Events

  10.          Parents and students can be updated with upcoming events in the school and class. Parents and teachers can keep track of the events that are taking place in the premises by monitoring the schedule through

  11. Email & Text Messaging

  12.          Teachers can send E-mail and/Or text message to the parents for absentees. Also teachers can notify parents about the events and programs through Email and messaging with easy to access interface and within no time parents will be notified of the same.

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